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and countless other festivals. as we sit here a few hours from another great day of san francisco sports, with the 9ers hosting the seahawks, going to beat them. hosting the cardinals in st. louis and winning game four. today we can celebrate the bid for the next super bowl in san francisco and bay area. as has been mentioned the super bowl is a world class event and deserves a world class city and world class region to host it. as a kid who grew up here in san francisco and in the fall to trek every sunday to candlestick park to watch the 49ers play, now this is such an exciting time that we get to have the chance to host the event that we only got to watch on tv for the past few decades. what an incredible time for our city. even if the super bowl's played down the road in santa clara, for us, these are the san francisco 49ers. always have been, always will be. san francisco 49er fan also be so excited and come together as a region and city behind this. it will have enormous impacts, bringing the neighborhoods together from sunset to bay view. think about the thousands of jobs. hundred
on this and other ballot measures in this year's election, please visit the san francisco league of women voters vote at remember, early voting is available at city hall monday through friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm if you don't vote early, be sure to >> hello ladies and gentlemen of district five my name is london ried and i am asking for your vote for the district of supervisors. >> i grew up on the same street that all live on, ride our bikes, walk in the parks, shop and eat and take our kids to school. for the last ten years, i have been the executive director of the african american art complex, a 34,000 art space where the kids have program in the arts where local artists come together and different san francisco communities form and strengthen our common bond. i grew up in plaza east public housing. it was a tough place back then, as a number of places in the district still are. the economic and family circumstances for everyone were pretty dire. i saw family and friends lost to the streets, to prison and death including two of my siblings, i saw terrible poverty, crime, dru
. city college of san francisco has 9 campuses in the city and serves approximately 100,000 students each year. the state has reduced funding to ccsf by core academic courses, provide work force training, provide an education that prepares students for 4 year universities, keep city college libraries and student support services open, keep technology and instructional support up to date, and offset state budget cuts. i'm here with alyssa messer, an english teacher at city college of san francisco. she's the ppt of aft2121, the faculty union, and a proponent of proposition a. also joining us is starchild, a local activist with the libertarian party of san francisco and a former candidate for the san francisco school board. he's an opponent of the measure. thank you both for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. >> alyssa, i'd like to give you the opportunity it share the thoughts of your position. >> so proposition a is a temporary 8-year, $79 parcel tax on properties in san francisco. and that money would go directly to supporting city college of san francisco. city colleg
year, we hosted the event in san francisco, which is why we are here at the oakland convention center this year. so thank you for being our gracious host this year. we are delighted that mayor lee traveled across the bay to be here in oakland. doesn't this convention center look fantastic? it has been a great renovation throughout. really terrific asset for this city. i hope your year is off to a good start. i personally feel rather optimistic as we talk to the many businesses we interact with every day and every week. this morning, we're going to start our program with two speakers who will share information about the economy, the outlook for real estate and investing, and then we will hear from our mayors. it is a great time to be talking about the economy because it at least appears to be getting a little bit better, maybe in fits and starts. we are hearing some good news on the job front -- not nearly enough yet. i will just ask -- who does think that the economy in 2012 will actually be better than 2011? good. that is about maybe half. who thinks that we are lucky to be in the ge
buses and in the city we're see ang increase of the use of shuttle buses both within san francisco and those that commute to outside of san francisco. the shuttle buses clearly provide a real benefit around decreasing the amount of trips that are taken by automobiles. often people who choose to go on shuttles, if they didn't have a shuttle as an option would be in a car driving by themselves. so we know there is really great benefits to the shuttle system. we know we're seeing a proliferation of them and we don't quite have a handle in the city how to manage our shuttle -- the private shuttle fleets in the city, especially as they relate to public space that we have around muni stops. so rather than not look at how we can prevent the wild west of the shuttles to become what is happening in san francisco, it's best that we look at how we can manage that. today i am requesting the city attorney to help us draft a permit process to regulate shuttles in san francisco and colleagues, i would be very interested in having input from your offices to help manage that legislation. and th
open space like parks, they are in a densely populated 7 by 7 urban environment like san francisco. we need to take advantage of public spaces wherever they are and they take all sorts of different shapes and forms and popos are certainly an important part of that mix. so i just wanted to express my thanks to president chiu for moving us forward and i move that we forward it with a positive recommendation to the board. i also adopt the amendment. >> i also really appreciate the increase of awareness of these public open spaces from redwood park in the shadow of the transamerica pyramid to the incedible roof sun terraces at the crocker galleria. i see no other comments. can we adopt these amendments without objection, colleagues? thank you. and on the ordinance itself, can we support this with a positive recommendation without objection? thank you. thank you. thank you, president chiu. miss miller, is there any other business before us. >> no, there are no further matters. >> great, meeting adjourned. thank you, everyone. (meeting adjourned).>> be expee glass facades that was
, new york city, portland, san francisco, and seattle, with several more markets to come. under her leadership, it was named one of the next big things in tech by the wall street journal, the start up to watch by ink magazine. please welcome leah. jamie wong is the co-founder and ceo of her vision of a more open world and exchanges through travel is the driving force. her commitment to bringing travel experiences to the world by making it easier to find, create, and book provides a platform for the community. she is a dynamic creative and leader with a passion for bringing ideas to market the change the way people live. finally, jay. in his girl as the chief innovation officer, he is working with the tech community and public to bring the government into the digital age. a partnership announced in 2012 will open the doors of government to our tech community to drive new solutions and businesses. if you have ideas for innovating services for government, please send him a tweet. finally, our moderator. he is the co-founder and publisher of an online magazine. i will let hi
the headlines" which takes a in-depth look at issues. cheryl is a long time volunteer for the san francisco leauge of women voters and moderating many of the reforms and past recipient of the women that could be president award. we are honored to welcome cheryl. cheryl. >> thank you everybody. thank you for coming out tonight on a cold foggy san francisco evening. this district election is really important. i am proud to be here. this is a great organization. we have nine candidates and hello everyone. it's a pleasure to see everyone in the beginning and hopefully they remember me later. the way it will work is the candidates will have one minute that you submitted. i have four questions to start with, plus the league will have their own questions and we invite you to get your questions and someone will get them. the questions have been submitted on the leauge of women voters website and every candidate is going to answer every question, so now we have time keepers. our time keepers, our lovely time keepers are out in front here and they will hold up a yellow card to signify to
those folks with jobs unless we reform our drug policies in san francisco, which essentially disadvantage and persecute young men of color who on a day to day basis are being subjected to the criminal justice system in a way that is not done by other members of our society. >> you have got another minute. [ laughter ] >> on a day to day basis what we're doing here in san francisco is we are disenfranchising folks and limiting their ability for future employment. once you have a conviction for a non-violent drug-related crime, your chances of getting a future employment are essentially nil. there was a research study published recently in a san francisco newspaper, that showed the rate of drug convictions dropped, and the violent crime here in san francisco did not rise. essentially what we're saying is that there is no correlation between drug use and violent crime. so the whole notion that we have to go after these folks to go into their neighborhoods and essentially make had a police state of their neighborhoods is ridiculous, preposterous and anne ethical and moral fail
that is entirely new, to permanent residents of san francisco who are occasionally renting out a couch or bedroom to a visitor, with whom the form great lasting friendships quite often. we announced that the entire city family take time to think about whether the existing laws should apply to the new activity or whether we should create new policies and regulations that apply more appropriately to the activity. we look forward to tackling that with the working group going forward. >> how was the turnout? >> it was a pretty huge turnout. we had about 40 hosts from san francisco, probably more than that. many of them testified. it was an incredibly moving experience. i do not think i have seen a city hearing the was that emotional. people are using this income to pay property taxes if they own their home, pay off their mortgages, pay increasing rents. our cofounders could not afford their increasing rent so they blew up an air mattress in their living room and rented it out to make rent. this is incredibly important as a source of income for our hosts. if you are taxing at 15%, we need to do so tho
officer for the city of san francisco, that is my connector to sfcity and code for america, a nonprofit of technology companies that does what they call kharkov bonds, -- call hack-a-thons, which they used to help the government look at the way they deliver services, and do business, and use the innovation of the technology world to overlay process with new ideas about how to deliver services more efficiently. with that relationship and through our chief innovation officer, we have got, i think, the beginnings of a brand new relationship that i think will bring us closer to the business needs of that new industry, but at the same time allow us to change the way we do business so we can be more responsive to that. the first year i did this breakfast, it was willie brown in your seat, jerry brown in your seat, and we had questions about the difficulty of buildings for the stadium in order to retain teams. it feels like groundhog day. how many years on, we are still there. you seem to be in the hot seat. you have three professional sports teams, all of whom could go elsewhere. i know you j
city. a specialist in francisco. >> the problem with san francisco is that women's suffrage as an idea was associated. >> susan b. anthony joined the provision party. a deadly idea in san francisco. liquor was the foundation of the economy. and >> anything that touched on the possibility of prohibition was greatly and popular. >> the first campaign was a great effort, but not a success. >> the war was not over. less than one decade later, a graphic protests brought new life to the movement. >> women's suffrage, the republican convention in oakland, this time it was the private sector response. 300 marched down the streets of the convention center. women were entitled to be here. >> joining together for another campaign. >> women opened a club in san francisco. it was called the votes for women club. if she could get the shopkeepers to have lunch, she could get them to be heard literature. the lunch room was a tremendous success. >> it was the way that people thought about women willing to fight for a successful campaign. what happened was, the social transformation increase the boundar
the arts in san francisco, and one of my favorite culture artists is here tonight. jason, thank you for being on culturewire. tell us about some of your posters that we have here today. >> most of the posters here are four specific shows or tours. i am hired by the bands or the venue. >> what is the inspiration behind these posters? >> no, disease of the related to the bay and, of course. music -- it is related to the band, of course the musical content or isn't related to the bed. album covers can come from anywhere. ♪ ♪ >> class actress was great. we have been having so much fun. i did not realize how beautiful the cal academy looks than that. what other events take place here? >> we do corporate events that night on a regular basis. but nightlife is your best bet to come in as a regular person pharmacy the academy at night, and visit with friends. we have details for the next few weeks. you can get tickets online in advance or at the door. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching culturewire on sf gov tv. >> hello. you're watching the show that e
name is eugene gordon, jr.. fascists, anti-fascists, and need to know san francisco main public library reports 2012 nobel price for peace democracy was awarded to european union. congratulations to the government, imperialists, but these artificial doves don't fly. going in and out of context. [speaker not understood] one liberation of german people from oppression/occupation. two repatriation. european union on federalistic basis. 8 european court of arbitration. 12, economic integration of europe. witness those parties to imperialistic germany -- [speaker not understood] >> thank you, next speaker. >> tom townsend south beach marina apartments. i just met for the third and last time my next door neighbor of 20 months, 14.5% increase sent him packing. while we're going about taking stock of our homes in the city, i want to reiterate that market-rate apartment in the city is first and foremost a vehicle for investors to make money. and they are not homes. when you are taking stock of the situation of the homes that are created here in the city, please why don't we find out what is a
. thank you. >> thank you. >> yes parking here in san francisco is a major cash cow for local government. they raise close to $200 million in revenue from parking here and the variable meters in my opinion is just another gimmick. it parks close to $6 an hour to park at a meter on any given day it's ridiculous. i am opposed to the variable rate meters and would take the residential permit one step further and allow those people to be allowed to use the parking permits to park on meters in shopping areas so i would propose that i am definitely opposed to send meters and saturday meters. it's a deterrent to patronizing small business. >> okay. the resulting economy has resulted in internet base for short term rentals and many of the rentals are illegal and the hotel tax is not collected. should the city legalize some or all of the arrangements and collect a hotel tax and we will begin with you -- i will be glad to repeat the question. >> i honestly don't know how you would enforce a law like that. of course everyone should pay their fair share but i don't know how you could enforce that.
on the operations committee were able to meet the family today, they have two locations in san francisco, one on fill mer street and one on market street, they're owned by jaim miswho's the father and his sons, dylan, roan and tyler. i wanted to walk you through the negotiated lease agreement with wood house. the term is for ten years with two five year options to extend, permitted use is for the operation of a restaurant at the site. the negotiated minimum annual guarantee is 110 thousand dollars and that would increase with cpi on an annual basis, the rent would be paid as the minimum annual or 10% which is 10% of gross revenues underand over10 million dollars, we're requires a 20 thousand dollar security deposit and we are proposing to issue a rent credit in the amount of 160 thousand dollars to wood house and this will help offset the proposed 260 thousand in capital improvements, i would like to take this moment to talk about a couple of issues that came up at the last meeting and that was the with the east/west designation of the marina plan, i wanted to present to you a map and this ma
that will support low-income tenants in san francisco and promote fair and transparent government. there are a few amendments to the original legislation that i am introducing today. that were working ored on with the housing authority and the mare's office on housing and i will invite the representatives up to speak as well to the amendments, although i understand that they are sub [sta-pbts/]ive. so i don't know what that means in terms of process. with the legacy of redevelopment and the more recent predications in the stock of public housing as a result of the federal hope 6 program, my district in particular and other districts have experienced its share of permanent displacement of low-income tenants. this displacement has broken positive community bonds, destroyed tight-knit communitis and contributed to african-american out-migration. with this legislation, no longer will san francisco endorse or fund public housing rebuilds that displace residents outside of their communities or out of san francisco. this is the first step of many that this board of supervisors can take to demonstrate th
in san francisco. like most big cities it's citadel that we preserve our rental stock and protect it from being cannibalized for other uses. there is a market for hotels, corporate suites and condominiums and other uses and the answer is through an efficient production strategy that expands choices and notice through diminishing our rental stock. thank you supervisors for bringing this forward and preserving our rental stock. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. jane, san francisco apartment association and i'm here to speak on behalf of the rental industry and the corporate housing providers. thank you supervisor chiu for opening your doors and taking our input in this participate piece of legislation. what i have discovered in working on this policy is that most of the people that i represent do not rent for less than 30 days and, in fact, they don't rent for less than 90 days. although i would like you to all take into consideration that providing 90-day/six-month housing is important in our city for people coming in, for cancer treatment at ucsf, children coming here for c
these technology companies, to start in san francisco, to grow, and tuesday. they also represent our future. i have often said that -- and i have been both a participant an observer and a relatively new mayor, but i will say this to all of you, too -- we have got to make sure that our city continues to be an investor- confident and an investment- friendly city. whether your investment is a family, whether it is a small business, or whether it is investing in someone else's business, no one is going to come to a city where the signal of the mayor with the board of supervisors for the lack of working together signals less than sure confidence that it is a good investment working with your city. that is what is attractive but sen francisco. i will continue making that very strong, and everything i do everyday will be to continue to create jobs in our city. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mayor lee. and to welcome their -- mayor jean quan, ed wasserman, who is very active in this community. [applause] >> i want to join in the welcome to all of you here on this valentine's day, a day for a
next question is how would you solve the homelessness problem in san francisco? and we will start with mr. garcia. >> my god, what an easy question. of course we're not going to solve it. the best we can do is try to minimize it and i think we are on the right track and we have a new homeless czar in pl dusty and i like the deal he's dealing with it and a way of dealing with chronic alcoholics and the protections that we have for homeless people are to protect society and not from the homeless people but to deal with that. it's 51-50 and i am sure some people know what that is and the police has the power to hold someone who is a threat to themselves or someone else for 72 hours. we need to enact laura's law and mr. dufty is working on that and finding housing for these individuals but not to keep going back to the economy but one solution is improve the economy so we can improve these people's lives. thank you. >> thank you. >> l the homeless problem it's very, very interesting because you know some cities don't -- i think one of the reasons we do have a problem is because of
to be partnering with the san francisco business times, the host of this very important discussion. the issues we face as business leaders and members of the community provide us with a unique opportunity in the coming years and many real challenges. it is vitally important that we stay connected and informed so that we may continue to build a vibrant bay area economy. as one of the region's largest employers and the largest integrated delivery system in the country, our reason for being is simply to improve health. we exist to provide high- quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. in fact, we are proud to provide care and coverage to many of you in this room. i know that as business leaders, you are probably all concerned about the affordability and quality of health care as you assess and seek to understand the impact of health-care reform. be assured that kaiser permanente is committed to quality and affordability and that it is at the center of our mission as an organization. in addition to staying true to our mission and
's where i cut my jib in trying cases as an attorney in san francisco, so it's like coming home again. i've also been a resident of san francisco specifically in the marina for 42 years, so i am quite enthusiastic about this project. i have been a frequent user with my family of the big -- what we refer to as the big marina green, i've walked past the degaussing station, so i was one of the few people who understood what a degaussing station is, but it has been as pointed out, could certainly use quite an improvement and the idea that it is going to be run by a very responsible family operation is a real credit to park and rec for their selection process and we wholeheartedly, my family and i'm a member of the board of directors marina association as well as -- and the first class of the nert, so i've been active in the community for a great number of years and enthusiastically support your hopefully approving this particular project, and also the notification issue is sort of a red herring, as pointed out, it's been made very public for a couple of years and since ms. kelly sent out e-m
, for recycled water, san francisco has to come up with 25 million gallons of recycled water and currently there's puc of 2.5 to 3 million gallons a day, so i don't know how it's going to be, that's the bigger picture but when you start narrowing it down with the northlake they use in fresh water and separating out different lakes, that's kicked around a little bit. they also don't have a set plan, a puc for the reverse osmosis of the water that's coming out of the ground water. my problem with that is every time i go to the water type place, i have an issue with why aren't we drinking portable water, why don't we get the reverse osmosis and that's more in the public safety health and getting better water. if you want to buy water, black mountain makes such water, reverse osmosis and it takes out all that bacteria which causes in humans the productivity of plaque, i'm at that age, you want to keep it down a little bit. if we have to drink water, wouldn't you want some reverse osmosis water rather than everything being dumped back on to the lawns. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other pu
attendants, hotel owners reported it was widespread in san francisco. one friend who owns a hotel says he pays his maids a bonus if they can locate it. his flight attendants won't fly to san francisco anymore. keep up the good work on these bed bugs. they are a really serious threat to the entire city. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] supervisor david campos? >> thank you very much, madame chair. and i want to thank all of the members of public who have come out to speak on this item. i also want to note that we have in the audience former supervisor tony hall and it's good to welcome a former member of this body here. i will keep my comments very brief, because i think that everything that has been said, that needs to be said about this matter has been said by the tenants themselves. and i especially wanted to thank the tenants and the residents of not just sro hotels, but different units in the city that have come forward to shed light on this issue. i also want to thank supervisor kim and her staff, who ha
out to me. i want to thank the affordable housing alliance in addition, to the san francisco tenants union for their support. i should also mention that i have been convening a grouch stakeholders to address a separate set of challenges, associated with residents renting out their apartments while they are on vacation or on business. in the area that is known as sharable housing better business bureau i want to mention that that is separate from the legislation that we have today. my overall goal is that with that other piece of legislation is that we will have hopefully a more comprehensive system to allow primary residents the flexibility to share space. but from my perspective, i think it's very -- it's very important that we first take the step to ensure that our residential housing is protected and that there is proper enforcement against illegal short-term rentals and that is why we have this legislation in front of us. so with that, i first would like to recognize rosemary bosk and bill strong from the department of building inspection who have worked with our office and su
to david freese. >> it's like a soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two. [ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one. >> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them. >> joe: his
will simply say i love san francisco's architecture and i love that i live on a block where all of the houses are old, old sort of with the character and the graph tas that comes with an old building. 14 of 15 were built by 1911. that apparently is enough to place the house at 530 sanchez as a category b historic residence, but i don't know the details, i'm afraid, of what that actually means. however, i do know that i don't want to see a building that could be refurbished and turned sb a beautiful modern version of an old house needlessly demolished. and the proposed construction is two large modern boxy condos, flagrantly different in character than the classic san francisco arc tech taur that surrounds it so i ran around last night and took photos of all the buildings on our street, if we can bring that up just to give you a feel. that's one building, a bunch of victorians. the building on the bottom right is the proposed construction according to the permit holder's renderings. they aren't uniformly victorian, but they do have a uniform feel of old standing san francisco. not only doe
business commission of the city and county of san francisco acknowledging jennifer matz from the office of economic and workforce development, on this monday, october 22nd, 2012, the small business commission is proud to acknowledge the contributions of jennifer matz, office of economic and workforce development, has made the small business in the city and county of san francisco. the commission recognizes that through your leadership as director and deputy director of the office of economic and workforce development, the city significantly increased its services and support to the small business community. the expansion of the enterprise zone program, creation of the small business assistance center, creation of the neighborhood marketplace initiative, introduction of the mayor's revolving loan fund, sf made collaboration and numerous other programs and policies were initiated under your guidance and leadership. your leadership has contributed to the economic diversity of san francisco and has create aid healthy economy that successfully weathered the worst economic crisis since the gr
is to introduce jim gardner, the managing editor of the san francisco business times. he coordinates the print and online sides of a very active operation. he also writes most of the editorials in the business times each friday. and he has moderated this mayor's event for the past several years. please welcome jim gardner, managing editor of the san francisco business times. [applause] >> thank you. and thank you for spending at least the first part of valentine's day with 700 of their nearest and dearest. i apologize for remaining preoccupied for just a moment here, but i would like to be able to put the -- as much as you would like to put the occupied incident beside you, and many in the bay area would like to do the same, is it fair to regard occupy as something in the rearview mirror, or are you expecting further disruption at the port and elsewhere in the city? >> i think the bay area has a group of anarchists. with the oakland occupiers, two years ago, we had the bank demonstrations in san francisco. i think it is a very similar group. you had a lot of broken windows and demonstrations.
in san francisco? good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. welcome back. glad to have you back. you're just in time right now, perfect timing for our first big storm of the season rolling in. >> it ends a six-month spell of dangerously dry weather. here's a look at the downpour this morning in san francisco. cars cautiously driving on some slick roads. also on the peninsula, in burlingame, cars taking a pounding there. arturo santiago is live in san jose where there was a steady downpour today. but first, let's get to meteorologist, christina loren, who's been busy tracking all the action. >> good morning. i set this radar back about six hours just to show you all the heavy rainfall that came through the bay area in a very short-lived period of time. for now, we're done with the heavy rain. but we have this unsettled pattern to get through. we're going to see light, spotty showers return, another round getting into this evening. in addition to that, gusty winds on the way. this evening into tomorrow morning, we get another
and screening day on the island and perhaps we can contact some of our partners. i'm here in san francisco life ucf to be a volunteer that day. i will work with ms. lundgren on that. the third issue that was not the topic of this hearing is of course the power outages. we were hoping that by the first two weeks of november there will be something that we can present, a solution that we can present with the puc and the treasure island development authority to address the electrical outages. i just want to take a moment just to thank everyone for being here today. i know that it is not always comforting to hear, but this is the information that we have and this is the assessment the city has made on the reports that cdph and dtsc has given us along with the navy. i just want to assure residents that our office and tida will continue to be an advocate for the residents and make sure we get all the answers that we can and all the assessments and to make residents feel as safe as possible given the news and what they have heard. i think we'll end on that note. i think that most of the residents here
and the championships is a festival coming to san francisco today running through sunday. it features skate boarding and bmx and fmx competitions and live music and the experience and fans can get the experience and we have some of the best coming to the country in the next four days and get autographs and ride the skate and win prizes and receive give aways. the san francisco recognition parks department saying it's detour community day and join us for athlete appearances and demos and the experience and log on to our website and rec park .org or for more information and we receiving as a result of this from the event host 20 new bmx bikes for our kids as part of the mobile recreation program. scare grove. our annual event is saturday october 27th. this was a traditional friday evening event and to make it more family friendly we're starting to saturday and hawse haunted houses and carnival rides and live entertainment and food for sale. preticket sales have been available since monday and can be purchased at the annex and up until october 26th and log on to our website for more inf
of this legislation and thank the advocates for tenants, the san francisco tenants union, the affordable housing alliance, community house right committee and i want to take a moment to acknowledge the good suggestion of an administrative review process by the coalition better housing and thank my aide amy chen for her work over the months. i want to take a quick moment to mention on a separate track i have been convening stakeholders, including air b & b and other internet companies to address the challenges associated with residents rest renting out their apartments while they are away on vacation or business in the field of sharable housing, but that is a separate issue. i would ask for your support for the legislationing in front of us. >> colleagues any other questions or comments can we take this same house, same call? >> resolution passes on first reading. >> item 26 ordinance amending the san francisco planning code. >> colleagues same house, same call? this is passed [ gavel ] . >> item 27 ordinance amending the administrative code by adding section 10e.4 to monitor san francisco's
for this location. san francisco needs family housing, these are going to be two 3-bedroom units and with all respect, commissioners, mraes approve this project because it meets city policies and it's a good project. thank you very much. >> thank you. that last picture that you put up, is that directly across the street? >> correct. >> thank you. >> i'm done, thank you. >> i'm sorry, you'll have time to rebut later. mr. sanchez, you are up next if you'd like to speak. >> thank you, scott sanchez, representing the planning department and the planning commission. the subject property on sanchez feet located with an rh3 zoning district so allowing 3 dwellings on a lot and has a 40 feet height limit. the building was indeed permitted in 2005. the neighborhood notification was filed in 2006, there was one discretionary review filed at that time. subsequent to that filing apparently the department decided additional environmental evaluation was needed so in july of 2007, an environmental application was filed to allow them to be through the historic resource evaluation report and they complete
prepared a handout. we will start with a discussion of overall green building issues. most of san francisco is built with older existing buildings. we have some small number of new buildings every year. we have the california, and in august, 2009, it ratchets up a lot. we have standards for the ordinance. we do not have a whole lot of stuff that addresses 90% of the city's existing building stop. >> as for practicality in meeting safety standards, they are all necessary to address performance of existing building sites. >> barry, by the way, is running the new task force on what should we do about existing couldn't marshal -- commercial buildings, and how do we increase efficiency. >> energy first, but also water if this and say an overall resource deficience a -- deficiency. major consideration. >> with commercial stuff, there is a big stuff to look up residential features, and those include a wide range of things, some of which are already covered. but if i can read through a list of handouts, what are the other laws that apply to existing new buildings, and what is covered, so you do not
of the largest time banks in the country is here in san francisco, the bay area community exchange. could start using that to mobilize volunteers, so i encourage you to check it out. another thing to think about is public banking. it is not necessarily a different currency, but it would be a different way of handling money. for instance, san franciscans could do it. a good but the money instead of in wells fargo or whatever, a private commercial bank, into a bank that is owned by us, and that the interest goes into city treasury, and we extend credit to ourselves. there's really innovative things that are happening, and that our public banking laws being lodged in a number of -- i think it is, like, 13 states right now. very innovative things happening. in the back. >> there are a lot of assets you are sharing that are really great at the grassroots level and bottom-up, but there are also things that are done the need to be shared such as public transit that cannot be done bottom-up and have to be done top down. i wonder is there a way a sharing economy can create those projects, or do we have
. campos. >> miss miller, item 3. >> item 3 is an item amending the san francisco administrative code by adding section 1.60 to require the mayor's office of housing and the planning department to report to the board of supervisors. >> our president, mr. chiu. >> that has been trailing the trust fund amendment that we have placed on the november ballot. there were a number of policy that is we wanted to legislate in the wake of that particular charter amendment and this is one of them. should voters approve the trust fund measure when it goes to the ballot, we would like for this piece of legislation to go into effect and this was something that came out of discussions with the mayor's office on housing. given that the trust fund measure is going to be put into place policies that will last for the next 30 years, including a decrease in inclusionary housing requirements by 20 percent, as well as an increase in the inclusionary program from 5 to 10 units, i wanted to make sure the city was regularly evaluating the impact of these policies on affordable housing policies by requiring t
. this is the map of san francisco's priority development areas, also on page 59. i won't go into it in too much detail unless you have questions. the framework in 38 million, 3.5 million is planning activities of funds every cycle, congestion management. generally over sight of fubd funded projects, county transportation and regional transportation and lots of thesering activities. next portion we see here, 24.6 million, that minimum we have to spend in the priority development areas. we created the next line down. this school is an eligible project. eligible projects within this program. and we created this target to really identify the school infrastructure projects in the city. there will be another round of funding and another call in winter, january of 2013 where we will be focused on the education outreach portion of this school program. the final piece is remaining balance, funds we can spend outside the area. >> the funds you are articulating in buckets, are those written in stone or asked to approve? >> that is that we are asked to approve. the piece in stone from mtc is 70% in priorit
through. we are expecting just brief showers but you can see right over san francisco a pretty big sell there and it's right over a t&t. -- showers should be brief. hopefully won't delay the game. minutesway from the start of game 7 in the nlcs. this is it. if the giants win tonight they go to the world series. if they lose their playoff run is over. live at at&t park, ken. >> hey guys. well, the rain started coming down about 20 minutes ago and i'd say it's coming down at a good clip right now. it's not a sprinkle, a little more than that. not a heavy downpour. as for the weather we talk to giants fans and they didn't think the rain would be a concern for tonight's game at least they hope not. no doubt among them about the outcome of tonight's game of course given the giants ability to as the fans put it torture them by taking it to the limit. the confidence is so high, a couple of fans we talk to say they're already looking ahead to detroit and their plans for the world series. >> i have reservations. i'm a season ticket holder. i have reservations here for wednesday, thursday and als
. >> joe: ball one to david freese. >> it's lik soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two. [ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one. >> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them
tonight. the team beat st. louis. that means it is on to game seven tomorrow in san francisco for a winner take all situation. we have team coverage of the victory. jamie is inside of at&t park. but we begin with kimberly tere who's outside of the ballpark with a look at the big win. hello, kimberly. >> hello. this game really seemed to reenergize fans who admitted before it began they were a little bit nervous about it. in the end, they say, it was an easy win and of course they are hoping for a repeat tomorrow. >> go giants! >> i'm totally pumped. ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow's game will determine which team heads to the world series. much of the credit for tonight's win goes to pitcher ryan vogle song who is known for being superstitious. he must eat chicken enchill lad das the night before he takes the mound. >> i'm eating chicken enchiladas. >> i'm going home eat a dozen chicken enchiladas. >> i wore my lucky hat and it worked. >> fans say they are willing to do whatever it takes to support their team during a season of surprises. >> it is up and down. >> torture, again,
issues for the city of san francisco that is the 311 number. >> perfect, thank you very much to the answers to the questions. i will be supporting this legislation, colleagues. and i just wanted to make sure that we have a structure in place that the neighbors and residents of san francisco would have a place to call and make these complaints so we can make changes. thank you very much, mr. chair. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor campos? >> thank you very much, mr. president and i will be just very brief. i want to thank the mta for their presentation and the work they have done around this matter. i also want to say that i thank supervisor cohen for her questions. she rightly raised a couple of issues that i hadn't thought about, which are important. the impact that this kind of operation could have on the surrounding neighborhoods, even though it's technically in daly city. and i appreciate that there was an environmental review. the thing about it though is at least as presented the focus seemed to be on what happens in daly city, and the more i think about it, i thi
and county of san francisco. we will have presentations first. we may have questions from colleagues, including myself. and then we will open up for public comment. and this is a time to give feedback and also questions and concerns to us on the board. and then we'll continue the conversation after that. i also want to acknowledge that many of our residents have been writing to us about the outages, the electricity outages that have been going on the island. well, that's not the subject of the hearing today, i just want to let you know that that's something that our office is working on. we're convening the public utilities commission and the city administrator's office and tida to see what we can do to support the aging infrastructure through which our electricity runs through. as many of you know, this is the infrastructure that -- well, actually we haven't inherited yet, but it's currently owned by the u.s. navy. it's aging. they haven't put in the investment to improve it mainly because when the new development goes in, we're going to set up an entirely new grid for electricity.
the pleasure of serving on a panel of the america institute of architecture, san francisco chapter who is hosting a conference called landscape in the city and they had a panel on temporary interventions and urban design which was about park lets but also our own efforts attempt rare programming opportunities such as our waller street skate board park and olympic events at civic center, and the panel was hosted by erin brit who is the editor of the magazine. they've done incredible things in our neighborhood and on our streets to create temporary or not so temporary park spaces, it was great to be a part of it and we got great feedback about our efforts to activate our plots and our streets. last week, the swim club began at our last commission meeting, you approved a generous gift to provide a program to teach kids in our most underserved neighborhoods to swim, that began at gar field pool, it was their after school program and is the program's off to a great start. this past weekend, we also had some incredible volunteer events at our park. it was the national coastal cleanup day and
$3.75, in california $4.47. in san francisco, $4.51 on average. analysts say demand is dropping and supply increasing. that is why the prices are coming down. >>> 6:10 u.s. about families come together, the change they are getting ready to demand today following that deadly explosion in 2010. >>> new poll released this morning showing how tight the presidential race is. >>> welcome back. scattered showers through wednesday. while tell you how much rain to expect and how much snow in the sierra and full forecast coming up in four minutes. >>> winter weather is hitting washington state this morning. crews responded last night to clear roads in snoqualmie pass up to five inches of snow already on the ground. sleet is also a problem. despite plows hitting the road drivers are being warned that conditions remain dangerous this morning. >>> sonoma county whom side detectives are hoping someone -- homicide detectives are hoping someone will call in with clues. a woman's body was found yesterday morning. >> the victim is believed to be in her 30s. deputies say death is suspicious. >>> b
amendments of money. >> this is the biggest connector from this part of san francisco towards the northern part of san francisco. yeah, we have to figure out how to make these investments, do it right. stuff like this has to get done. we are seeing more and more cyclists coming from there, which is great. >> go back to the slides. i won't dwell on all the finding, i think i have touched on them throughout the presentation. the real story of octavia boulevard, what it is. as i mentioned before,ly reiterate, it did bring sitting benefits to the community. some traffic diverted else where. as this part of town grows and we seek to provide robust alternatives for folks to get to their destinations via walking, biking, transit, ride sharing, car sharing, we will be challenged to do so to make sure these high traffic volumes don't impair the neighborhood's ability to grow and we are recognizing that travel patterns are really diverse and that we will have to be creative, supporting employers that want to provide different options for their commuter, whether their locations are in san francisco o
-american experience in san francisco and out-migration and one key point i hope to drive home, when we talk about economic development, we also talk about it in context of workforce development. when we talk about our budget situation where we are in the city, we also talk about cuts by virtue of simultaneously talking about revenue. when we talk about the african-american out-mike migration rarely do we talk about recruitment and retention. when we begin to talk to developers about who they use to market and where they market? that really has a significant impact as to which audience they are actually capturing? now if the city was truly interested in increasing the african-american population, then i would put that the city needs to take the initiative, as well as lead developers. when we are marketing these new rental units on the market, that we are advertising in ebony and essence and jet and some of the african-american journals, publications and associations, so we're able to capturethis community, this market. you said yourself 25% live in public housing. there is an unbelievable amount
in downtown san francisco. 63 in redwood city. very important giants forecast first pitch at 5:07 p.m. on and off showers and temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. >> your kron 47 day of around the bay forecast of the show we are not done with the wet weather. too small systems rolling through till tuesday into wednesday as well. keep those umbrellas had handy. looks like we will be clearing things out by thursday. law by friday. a mix of sun and clouds temperatures i commute i don't know if there are any injuries associated with this accident. this certainly something to be aware of plans are to reopen at the san mateo bridge sometime this hour does not look like that has occurred just get this is something we will be monitoring throughout the morning. fisher approached the bay bridge toll plaz wet that drive time just 25 minutes out of novato into the city. >> thank you erica. let's talk a bay area baseball talk of the town is the san francisco giants forcing a very decisive game action 7 in the national league championship. they beat the cardinals 6-1. five runs early on by the
por acompañarnos les saluda ramon adame los gigantes de san francisco emptaron la serie con los cardenales e san luis, san francisco gano el partido sorprendiendo. >> la serie se extiende a un último juego y se definira el campeón de la liga nacional y el pase a la serie mundial. >> así le dan el pase de la carrera tempranera y deja el marcador de 6 carreras a 1, y esto soltó la emoción. >> me encanto lo mejor venir de atrás y para mañana vamos a ganar todos. >> gigantes. >> gigantes. >> y es que hoy por el partido los cardenales no le pegaron a la pelota hasta la quinta entrada. >> todos estuvieron fenomenal con bates en especial el pitcheo. >> mañana será e partido decisivo. >> que crees que tendrá que hacer mañana matt kaine. >> muchos pitches buenos y vamos a ganar. >> en el camerino de los gigantes solo crece la confianza. >> lo más importante de hoy fue salir a jugar pelota y hacer carrera adelante. >> es importante jugar en casa en especial aquí con 42 mil personas. >> y si los gigantes solo creen en ellos los cardenales también confian en que después del l
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